Welcome to the New CASHBOX charting structure. Our new charts will undoubtedly be the most accurate measure of calculating music the world has known based on the traditonal method of radio spins and music sales, but also the digital age. The CASHBOX team has thrown in what we consider our good measure. 10% will be based on creativity, songwriting and production with our musicologists, all of whom have over 40 years in this industry.. We do not care how big a superstar you are, if you put out mediocre product you will be caught here.
As for singles and tracks the maximum time limit will be 35 weeks. At 30 weeks you will lose a bullet if you have one. If you or your group have not achieved what you desire with your promotion team in half a year it's just not there. This is what is wrong with today's music. A small percentage are controlling all the cards and the public is getting tired of it.  This is why artists die off so quickly. They run a song until it is totally milked dry. Our new standard will provide new talent and songs to rotate more quickly.
As for albums, it's not as complicated as competitors want headlines. Vinyl albums, CD sales and Digital sales will have a longevity of 52 weeks or one year. If the public hasn't bought your product in one year, then the few that do will not affect chart position.  The gimmick of buying 5,000 copies a week from a distributor to keep a bullet is over.  Only on a very rare occasion should any album debut at # 1, unlike our competitors who jump at it....especially for new, unknown artist and groups.

You ask an artist  to prove  sustainable sales numbers. Saying a distributor has sold 200,000 albums, when half a year down the road 100,000 are returned is not an accurate barometer. If there are two to three weeks of sustainable growing sales then you can earn the right position. Hype does not help an artist, when in the end they get caught. Unknowns are just that with a new artist or group. Unknown real numbers will become known within a month.
Genre based charts should adhere to genre. The biggest crossover is the Pop charts. Remember we said Pop charts, not Popular charts.  The new rule is no country, hip hop, urban or gospel can debut or go higher than
 #5 here because 99% of the time they have debuted # 1 in the proper genre chart. It keeps variety open to interpretation. 
 Be fair to the genre.