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A little Beatles Trivia for the new year (Video)

The Beatles

➦In 1964…The first North American Beatles album, “Introducing The Beatles,” was released by Chicago-based Vee-Jay Records. The label was forced to stop selling the disc by the end of the year because of legal complications, after 1.3 million copies of the album had been sold.


➦In 1965…Howard Cosell does first “Speaking of Everything” program on 77 WABC in NYC.

➦In 1969…Frustrated by Paul McCartney’s dominance during the filming of “Let It Be,” George Harrison nonchalantly told the rest of the band that he was quitting immediately and sarcastically said as he walked out, “See you around the clubs.” George later stated that while he had a growing backlog of new material, he constantly had to work on Lennon and McCartney’s songs before the group would work on his. George was the second Beatle to quit; Ringo had left the group for a brief period a year earlier.