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CASHBOX Beach Music Top 40 Countdown with John Hook Is Up! (Audio)

Beach Music! It’s been the secret treasure of the Southeast for 60+ years. Upon tracing it back to its roots, it’s easy to see that Beach Music embraced pre-Rhythm and Blues and Rhythm and Blues 10 years before Rock and Roll emerged on the national stage. Dancing and Music are joined at the heart and soles in Beach Music. The Shag is its dance— under many names, including Bop, Fast Dancing, Freestyling, Swing, and more. The Shag reveals its soul as the Dance of Romance.

Beach Music was 99.9% Rhythm and Blues and Soul during the its first 30 years. Nowadays, it’s a broad, multicultural mix of Pop, Jump Blues, Soul, R&B, Local Carolina Soul, a little Hip Hop, and occasional Country crossovers. Shag, Romance, and Good Times are still at its center, while the dance and the music have spread to dance clubs across the U.S., in Australia, and Europe.

The Beach Music Weekly Top 40 countdown includes the 40 biggest cutting edge Beach and Shag tunes of today. The Yearly Beach Music Top 40 countdowns are for those who want to learn more about the history of Beach music from 1945-2008. You’ll be surprised at how many songs you already love are a part of Beach Music heritage, which means they’re not considered “oldies” —they are an important part of a living, breathing way of life where new experiences are often built on the foundation of the familiar as well as the new.

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