CASHBOX Magazine has a rich history dating back to the 1940's. As you can imagine thousands of artists have passed through our doors. You can see them in our archive  pages. We realized that for various reasons many deserving artists quickly became a thing of the past and have long been forgotten. Others have continued to stay in the mainstream to this day. With the New CASHBOX Hall Of Fame we are going to level the playing field and awards will be presented based on strict criteria by industry veterans. 
Initially we will present awards for those still alive from the 30's forward. We will also induct four posthumous awards each month. Inductees will be chosen by industry professionals at CASHBOX and Record World Magazine as well as outside music veterans who have been instrumental in driving this initiative.
Our goal is simple. Give recognition that is earned, not bought while creating a music ecosystem that is genre based and NOT a melting pot of other Hall of Fame collections. It will be accurate, consistent and we will also reach out to the public for their input and suggestions.
We believe that this interactive approach will build excitement and recognition around the world.

CASHBOX Hall Of Fame