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Ed Russell Named CASHBOX CEO

CASHBOX Magazine is proud to announce that Ed Russell has been named CEO in Nashville, TN. Ed’s knowledge of the music business, the pro’s and con’s, the ups and downs, the good and the bad, will serve him and his clients well in this newly created position. Ed takes an honest approach to artists, labels, and songwriters alike and is not too timid to suggest in a gentle way that they “pursue another career”. During his 30 years with Castle Records as CEO, Ed worked on the promotional team to launch Alabama’s career and their first two albums. Ed understands how the marketing systems work. Ed is also an accomplished songwriter with over 1000 songs to his credit.

Cashbox Magazine, a well-known world-famous music trade magazine dates back to the 1940’s. The CASHBOX as it is commonly referred to charts music across many genres and is a trusted source used by the Major and Independent record labels and radio stations worldwide. Ed will also be working with sister magazine Record World. We wish Ed well and much success in this new position.

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