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FRANK TILLI was born in Montreal and is of Italian descent. He is the youngest of 6 children and grew up in a musical neighborhood. He started writing compositions and original songs when he was only 13. While he’s held many different jobs in his life, his one true passion is music.
A co-worker encouraged Frank to try the harmonica, stating that “you will either get it or you won’t”. Frank took to it naturally and today incorporates the harmonica into his music alongside vocals and guitar.
Frank writes and composes all of his own music which is then produced by George Carter Jr. His musical influences include Elvis, KISS, Deep Purple, The Beatles, and the Rolling Stones. He considers Keith Richards and Mick Jagger to be his musical mentors.


In February of 1989 he was performing at The Decibal in downtown Montreal when he was approached by Polish producer John Gravel. Impressed, Gravel invited Frank and his band to perform in Warsaw in July and August of 1990, courtesy of the Ministry of Culture of Poland. They played four gigs in Warsaw before returning to Montreal, lending a hand to changing the music culture.
Encouraged by the music scene in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Frank left Montreal and joined his friend and producer George Carter Jr. on the East Coast. He joined “The George Carter Jr. Band” singing lead vocals and playing the harmonica. Together they have played in numerous venues across Nova Scotia including the Halifax Jazz Festival, Smoking Blues Festival, and the Coal Shed Music Festival, among others.
Frank’s desire now is to present his original music to a wider audience on an international level.

Jacob Cade is a sixteen year old American singer, songwriter, musician, and multi-instrumentalist, best known as lead singer and guitarist of The Jacob Cade Project, a three piece band he formed in a mission to preserve the legacy of classic rock ‘n roll. Heavily influenced from musical greats such as Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix, Slash, Ace Frehley, Billy Gibbons and Jerry Lee Lewis, Cade revives a lost art of masterful musicianship and the natural ability to entertain a crowd. With Jacob’s electrifying guitar work and larger than life stage persona, live performances are a true “show”, leaving spectators wanting more.

The sixteen year old completed his second full length studio album which was released this summer, June 30th, 2015 with producers Glenn Sawyer and Rich Veltrop at The Spot Studios in Lakewood, CO. This collection of 10 songs includes the lead single ‘Green Light Go’ which has been released as a music video through Jacob’s YouTube channel. Watch the video here http://bit.ly/JCPGGLG.


Formed in late 2012, DuShane is a culmination of southern rock and country . The band consists of vocals, electric/acoustic guitars, bass, drums, pedal steel, violin and keyboards. 
 Formally of the band Law and Order (MCA Records), lead singer DuShane, brought up on the Nashville/Memphis sound but also uses his New York City roots to create their “Urban Country” sound. 
 The Band is a blend of acoustic and sonic texture that is reminiscent of classic country and southern rock, and shimmers with modern studio sounds and arrangements. 

Tutored by friends and former producers Joe Hardy,Mac Reinhold and Shane Keister, The DuShane Band was able to produce and engineer and record their first independent record. 
 DuShane's first single "Alabama Rain" released in late October 2015 has received receiving warm reviews and gaining popularity from fans with different musical tastes, and with a release of DuShane’s first music video for “When I walk out,” the band hopes to gain popularity with country and rock fans as well as appeal to a broader global audience.​




John Gindick

Harp Master Gindick for Stage and Workshop

Guitar and harmonica king Jon Gindick has long been known as one of the most exciting harmonica players and teachers on the international scene. His books on playing blues harmonica have sold over 1.5 million copies and created generations of harp players. Gindick’s Mississippi Delta Blues Harmonica Jam Camps, held several times a year in Clarksdale, Mississippi’s Shack Up Inn, are world-famous, and Gindick is legendary for making learning fun, fast and creative. He is often credited with getting more people playing harp than anyone else in the world. Jon’s act as a single performer, playing harmonica & guitar and singing his songs, has opened festivals, led symphonies, closed bars, and earned standing ovations. As a rack player, he is second to none. Jon’s Cd of original songs "When We Die, We All Come Back As Music" was named "Best Blues Album of 2010" by Hollywood Music in Media Awards in 2010. Produced by Los Angeles bass and keyboardist Ralph Carter, several of the songs, including “Ghost Dance” and “School” have been nominated for songwriting awards.Expressing it all is Jon’s of talented pals featuring Jon on harp and guitar, Ralph Carter on bass, and drummer Pete Gallagher. At the core of the band’s passionate performance is Gindick’s rich voice, great songs, and full throated harmonica. It’s a different take on the blues, exactly what you’d expect from Jon Gindick. If you are looking for a multi-talented, well known and charismatic performer who can bring a band, play as a solo, put on workshops and harp shows for his international blues-loving audience, bring in Jon Gindick. You can find his lessons and for-camera performances all over You Tube. 
Jon’s Mississippi Delta Blues Harmonica Jam Camps
Each March, May and September Jon Gindick and his team of coaches puts on a 5-day Blues Harmonica n Jam Camp at the Shack Up Inn in Clarksdale, Mississippi. If you want to immerse yourself in blues harp, guitar and your own sacred musicality in the Heart of the Blues Country, this is as good as it gets.“


Bird On A Wire

The vocals dance through your head as a journey through an enchanted dreamscape of love, loss, pain, anger and joy like only a true legend would know how to deliver. Sometimes a crooner in the classic style, at times rough and raspy and others so subtle you can almost hear a secret you’re not supposed to know! I have not been this surprised by or an artist since we started this web magazine over five years ago." -- Bruce J. Maier, Damn Good Tunes

“Jon's  voice and harmonica convey an entire life dedicated to the music where nothing is superficial, nothing is too much. This album is terrific, track after track it puts you directly in the soul of the blues, and the life of a human being.. SO that's a big YES. I recommend this piece of art to everybody.

Christelle Berthon, Paris, France, internationally acclaimed harmonica artist.

"Jon's music draws on so many sources: not just the country and urban blues harp masters who were his first inspiration, but torch singing, fast folk, big band swing, and a vein of New Age mysti-cism that challenges, inspires, and comforts in the face of a cold, hard world. This is sweet stuff-- rough and smooth, hot and cool, edgy and friendly, with inspired harp stylings all the way through. Gindick is dancing his way past the grave, leading the way once again."

Adam Gussow, Oxford,Mississippi, world-famous harmonica artist for Satan and Adam, author of “Mr. Satan’s Ap-prentice,” “Journeyman’s Road” and other blues memoirs.

“Wow! Absolutely fantastic! I really love all the tunes, Great writing, Great performances,well done production, I will spread the word. Great stuff !”
RJ Mischo, award winning blues singer, harmonica artist, songwriter, band leader with 10 re-leased albums.

I love this CD! I get them often, but this is my most favorite ever! Great harp, amazing vocals and superb production. It’s a home run in every department. Especially the song writing.”

Jimi Lee, Austin Texas, world acclaimed singer, songwriter, guitarist, harmonica artist and band leader.

“... terrifically bluesy without sounding like anyone else’s blues. Great Album!”"
Richard Hunter, Boston, internationally acclaimed harmonica recording artist and composer.

"These songs showcase Jon as a performing artist, who can deliver a story!"
Mark Lavoi, internationally acclaimed harmonica recording artist with Bill Simms on Delta Groove Records.


Visit Jon's Website HERE

Peter Anderson

Peter started playing guitar when in high school after being involved with school music productions. His involvement was so enthusiastic that teachers wrote notes home declaring that if Peter didn't change focus to something other than music for his written reports, he would never get anywhere in life!

Starting off immediately performing in public at various events, he quickly learned how to engage an audience. Over the years, vocals became the main focus over rhythm guitar, percussion, and bits of banjo, bass guitar, mandolin, and, currently, pedal steel.

Songwriting came in good time with most of them being written straight out without much re-writing as some people insist is necessary. Feeling that the enjoyment of music overshadows the "correctness of writing" was made clear with the realization that not every song written becomes a "hit" no matter how well written! In the long run, it's the listeners that determine if a song is a "hit"!!

Learning over the years how important it was to have a strong grasp of how the business end of music works, Peter started "The Lana Clarkson Memorial School of Music" as a 501(c)(3) non profit to teach kids the "Business of Music". Peter handles Sound Reinforcement, Recording, General Wisdom, etc. while relying on industry professionals to teach things like Copyrights and Contracts, Booking, Management, Instrument and Equipment Repair, "On Tour Facts" and whatever else may be needed.

Duke Henry

Duke” Henry is a former Navy Veteran and proud supporter of the Navy Seal Foundation. He does every benefit he can for the cause of the American Veteran and supports Operation Troop Aid, Wounded Warriors, and is currently setting up his next USO Tour for our Soldiers.


“Duke” Henry’s Motto is To BE THE PROTECTOR OF FREEDOM AT HOME, FOR THOSE WHO PROTECT OUR FREEDOM ABROAD. HIS LATEST SINGLE “WITHOUT A GUN” has made huge waves and is a fan favorite. He is the core of what a Red Blooded American is and seeks every opportunity to support every charity he can. He is truly a selfless person whos enjoyment comes from helping others.


“Duke” Henry also is the owner of RCI Restoration Services, which is a fire and water restoration company donating at least $100,000 per year in remodeling work to customers who have shortfalls in their insurance claims. When you think of a Soldier of the common man, you think of Duke Henry.

Jessie Damon

Perris Records / Texas

Jesse is a singer, songwriter and guitarist born and raised in Hawthorne, California! His vocals and songwriting are his main strengths and It's in the love for his guitar playing that he shines. His songs are a mix of well-crafted material and a few intense ballads. The musical pathway of his life has been influenced by some of the biggest artists in Country, Blues and Rock music!

Jesse Damon is back with the release of his sixth solo album "Southern Highway." He has redefined his sound with a southern blues style straight out of Nashville while still maintaining the highest caliber of melodic music for his fans!

The story of "Southern Highway" began back in the fall of 2009, when Jesse started jamming with a new guitarist friend named Paul Cassidy. They played old blues songs with a southern flair and their sound led Jesse in that direction. He put together a new band called Electric Caravan with Jesse fronting the band on lead vocals and guitar, Paul Cassidy on second guitar, and a rhythm section made up of two talented longtime musician friends named Kurt Markham on drums and Chris Tanori on the bass. The band went on to shape some of the new song material which led Jesse to write more songs influenced by this new sound.

Jesse went into the studio with AOR Producer Paul Sabu to start recording the new songs, and had in mind to use alot of slide and acoustic guitar to the tracks as well as a whole lot of honky tonk and tradititonal blues style guitar that shaped the personality and attitude needed for what he wanted to accomplish! Southern Highway has been discribed as a melodic driven, southern rockin' hell of a good time!

Jesse Damon’s story takes the listener to another time and place, to the Genesis of all that is American Music!

Damon & Reilly Worldwide BMI

Kory Shore

Kory Shore is a singer, songwriter and gifted musician with talent and charisma. 
Kory began playing drums at 3. (See the video.) Break dancing at 4. Piano at 6. Singing at 8. And started writing music at 12. He's now 18 and ready for the world to hear his uniquely mature point of view as expressed through his music. He's just released his first album, "Give Me A Shot." 
Kory's first music video, "Crying for America" garnered national attention striking some controversy with its patriotic theme, and was interviewed on news outlets around the country.  He's also won 2 national songwriting contests. Stay tuned and subscribe to hear more. 
Hailing from Phoenixville, PA, Kory is now attending Belmont University in Nashville.



Kory Shore “Angels”