Kelly Lewis-Sea Salt

My name is Kelly Lewis I was born in Duncan, Oklahoma August 12, 1960 I have lived and worked in Duncan all my life. I have always loved music especially Country Music. I graduated Duncan Senior High School In 1978 and went to Murray State College for one semester then I realized that college wasn’t for me. So moved to Dallas and attended Broadcasting School and received a degree and worked as a Disc Jockey in the Dallas area for a short period of time. Then I moved Back to my hometown and worked at the local radio station. The money wasn’t real good then so I invested in some sound equipment and contracted some dances and private parties until I eventually sold it all and worked different jobs and owned my own businesses and was doing well, but my love for music was still there so I started singing a few songs with some local bands when I had the chance.. I always wanted to record my own cd so in 2010 I decided to pursue that with the help of some of my friends that were in that business. I came up with the idea to record a cd for my dads 82nd birthday. I decided to record some Billy Joe Shavers songs because although they were really good songs they were not chartbusters so I thought it would be more original than trying to record hits. Although some were most people haven’t heard them. I wanted this to be special so I hired the best musicians that I could afford and my record producer is Shane McCauley who is very experienced in the music business and had many connections. So we made it and it was really fun to do and hope to do it again

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