Duke Henry-Red Dress

Duke” Henry is a former Navy Veteran and proud supporter of the Navy Seal Foundation. He does every benefit he can for the cause of the American Veteran and supports Operation Troop Aid, Wounded Warriors, and is currently setting up his next USO Tour for our Soldiers.

“Duke” Henry’s Motto is To BE THE PROTECTOR OF FREEDOM AT HOME, FOR THOSE WHO PROTECT OUR FREEDOM ABROAD. HIS LATEST SINGLE “WITHOUT A GUN” has made huge waves and is a fan favorite. He is the core of what a Red Blooded American is and seeks every opportunity to support every charity he can. He is truly a selfless person whos enjoyment comes from helping others.

“Duke” Henry also is the owner of RCI Restoration Services, which is a fire and water restoration company donating at least $100,000 per year in remodeling work to customers who have shortfalls in their insurance claims. When you think of a Soldier of the common man, you think of Duke Henry.

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