Frank Tilli-Eveywhere I Go

FRANK TILLI was born in Montreal and is of Italian descent. He is the youngest of 6 children and grew up in a musical neighborhood. He started writing compositions and original songs when he was only 13. While he’s held many different jobs in his life, his one true passion is music.
A co-worker encouraged Frank to try the harmonica, stating that “you will either get it or you won’t”. Frank took to it naturally and today incorporates the harmonica into his music alongside vocals and guitar.
Frank writes and composes all of his own music which is then produced by George Carter Jr. His musical influences include Elvis, KISS, Deep Purple, The Beatles, and the Rolling Stones. He considers Keith Richards and Mick Jagger to be his musical mentors.

In February of 1989 he was performing at The Decibal in downtown Montreal when he was approached by Polish producer John Gravel. Impressed, Gravel invited Frank and his band to perform in Warsaw in July and August of 1990, courtesy of the Ministry of Culture of Poland. They played four gigs in Warsaw before returning to Montreal, lending a hand to changing the music culture.
Encouraged by the music scene in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Frank left Montreal and joined his friend and producer George Carter Jr. on the East Coast. He joined “The George Carter Jr. Band” singing lead vocals and playing the harmonica. Together they have played in numerous venues across Nova Scotia including the Halifax Jazz Festival, Smoking Blues Festival, and the Coal Shed Music Festival, among others.
Frank’s desire now is to present his original music to a wider audience on an international level.

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