Peter Anderson-Thank The Lord For Arthur Murray

Peter Anderson

Peter started playing guitar when in high school after being involved with school music productions. His involvement was so enthusiastic that teachers wrote notes home declaring that if Peter didn't change focus to something other than music for his written reports, he would never get anywhere in life!

Starting off immediately performing in public at various events, he quickly learned how to engage an audience. Over the years, vocals became the main focus over rhythm guitar, percussion, and bits of banjo, bass guitar, mandolin, and, currently, pedal steel.

Songwriting came in good time with most of them being written straight out without much re-writing as some people insist is necessary. Feeling that the enjoyment of music overshadows the "correctness of writing" was made clear with the realization that not every song written becomes a "hit" no matter how well written! In the long run, it's the listeners that determine if a song is a "hit"!!

Learning over the years how important it was to have a strong grasp of how the business end of music works, Peter started "The Lana Clarkson Memorial School of Music" as a 501(c)(3) non profit to teach kids the "Business of Music". Peter handles Sound Reinforcement, Recording, General Wisdom, etc. while relying on industry professionals to teach things like Copyrights and Contracts, Booking, Management, Instrument and Equipment Repair, "On Tour Facts" and whatever else may be needed.

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