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Good Country Song by Levi Hart (Audio)

Deep in the Hart of Levi lies the Soul of Country Music.

Levi Hart’s deep and soulful sound is unlike any other. Once you hear it, it can’t be unheard. Hart has been capturing audiences and hearts with his music for more than 24 years now. Coming from a huge family of musicians in the Ottawa Ontario Valley, it was no surprise that Hart also follows in the footsteps of his some of his family members. More notably his uncle, singer/songwriter Bob Webb who still makes an impressive dent in the Canadian Blue Grass scene.

Hart, A veteran musician, singer and songwriter on the Canadian and Nashville entertainment scene has recorded and played with some of the industry’s best and brightest. He’s shared the stage with some of Canada’s top acts and was honored to be asked By Kid Rock to open up for him at the Fillmore Auditorium in Denver Colorado 2011. Then in 2012 after becoming a father and almost losing his life to drug addiction, Hart needed to make a change. He decided to put down his guitar, get help and focus on getting better and being an overall better father and human being. Since then, his world has changed forever.

His new found sobriety and appreciation for life and his daughter led to the writing of his 3rd album titled “Believe”. Significant, because at one point Hart said there was a time in his life he didn’t believe he’d ever sing or perform again. His outlook was bleak and in such a dark place he never thought he'd get out.

It took almost 3 years to write, record and produce the new album from start to finish but it was "more than worth it" Hart says. He also says “I want to look back and know that I truly put my heart and soul into this album and be able to show my daughter that nothing is impossible as long as you believe, have a little faith and love with a little Hart and Soul.”

He dedicates this album to everyone who’s ever felt or is feeling lost. Hart wants them to know and BELIEVE things can get better. Anything is possible if you want it bad enough. His new album not only captures Hart’s raw talented vocal tone and range but it delivers songs full of wisdom and years of hard earned lessons.

On Stage, Hart always aims to keep you entertained and wanting more; he never disappoints. On stage, his energy seems endless and is nothing short of contagious. Currently, Hart just added a new Management and Promotion team to help kick off a Radio and  Summer tour for 2018.

He'll be promoting his new highly anticipated album  “Believe “ and critics are already hailing this as something to watch out for.

See what others are saying about Levi Hart:

“Levi Hart and his band are one of the most impressive new acts on the scene today. Their musicianship, showmanship and Levi’s unique lead vocals are stellar and, in my opinion, will take them to the top of the charts in the near future.” – Bobby Roberts, the Bobby Roberts Agency

“Levi Hart and his band are by far one of the most energetic and entertaining acts I’ve seen in a long time. It’s refreshing to see someone so passionate about putting on a show as he is about sounding good and making good music. This is surely an act to see!” -- Dj Ilon, The Bourbon Room - Ottawa

“He brings a high energy performance with some solid players all around. One of the most promising acts I've had the privilege of working with in the downtown Nashville scene.” - Booking Agent for Cowboys, Nashville TN 

“Truly the most entertaining act we’ve ever had!” — Booking Agent for Whiskey Bent, Downtown Nashville, TN 

“Levi made my already amazing wedding day even better than it already was. His talent, and ability to entertain blew my mind “  Lindsey D.,   Ontario Canada

Don’t’ miss out on a chance to see this incredible talent live; Levi Hart, coming to a stage near you!

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  1. He is definitely an amazing artist whom I am fortunate to have met , spend time with. He is kind and good hearted and blessed with a beautiful voice and talent.
    Keep it xo

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