James Thomas Releases “Meet Me On The Corner” on his new album (Audio)

James Thomas was born in Durham, NC to a military family, that enabled him to live all over the world.
He grew up in Verona, Italy and started school there. Stateside he lived in Boston and Baltimore and James credits
these childhood life experiences as his inspiration to write songs about his life adventures.
Though southern in speech and outlook, James has a very open outlook about life and love.

James (Jerry, to his close friends) Thomas met his band mates while working at various recording studios in Charlotte, N.C.

James’ first album was produced by David Floyd with Pat Walters playing electric lead guitar.
The album was titled," Ocean Song". It was a regional success.
In 2010 James teamed up with keyboardist David Floyd and Pat Wallters to produce their second album “ “The Courthouse and The Redemption”.
The “Courthouse" album was very well received in the United Kingdom and Europe.
James did numerous interviews and solo performances in England and Europe, during 2010.

2016 brought changes to the band, with the addition of Andre Ferrari.
Andre brought a fresh new sound to the band. Andre’s lead guitar work on “Suicide Blues”, “Meet Me On The Corner” and “ Soul Shake” riveted the band’s sound to new heights and has brought in hordes of new fans.

All three of these three new songs will be added to the band’s up coming album titled “ Eight Seconds Before Midnight”. That will be released this summer 2017.


“Music reviews": The James Thomas Band combines country/rock with a bar-band jam sound. "Meet Me On The Corner"", one of James' wildly fun singles, paves the way for an eclectic mix of music. Other highlights from their new album "Eight Seconds Before Midnight" include the heavy blues hit "Suicide Blues" and the insanely rock/blues tune "Soul Shake" elevates the band to the heights that too few blues/rock bands from the American south ever achieve. Overall, an album of mixed styles that work on many levels but it's the guitar-strong bluesy stuff that simply works the best!”



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