CASHBOX General Update

Preserving History Fund Raiser

The history of anything that has happened throughout history is usually a quite important thing to study for the express purpose of learning about the past.

The Music Business is no exception. CASHBOX Magazine and Record World Magazine have been in existence since 1942 and have been a huge influence on Music Business history. The cataloging and archiving of the magazines themselves are of great importance for their intellectual and intrinsic value.

We are setting up a GoFund Me account for the purpose of finding a suitable building for housing the Music Business Memorabilia and CASHBOX Magazine and Record World issues that have been created through the last 75 years. Having a place the public can do research or just look at the unique pieces of Music History is the goal of the GoFund Me account.

The archiving alone is a huge undertaking as is having a climate controlled facility to house the artifacts. The initial funding goal is set for $2,000,000.00. This will fund the acquisition of a climate controlled facility, the transfer to digital of all the magazines and the creation of a public access museum for viewing memorabilia acquired over 75 years of Music Industry inclusion.

People of all ages from anywhere in the world will be welcome to experience the museum and archived items.

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