Steve Oriet Turns It Up with His Hit Single “Diggin On You” (Audio)

Steve Oriet, his friends call him "Steve-O" was born and raised in River Canard/Lasalle Ontario, Canada and currently live in Windsor Ontario.

Steve grew up listening to all genres of music, everything from rock to pop to rap and country.   In fact, Steve's father is and has always been his biggest inspiration because he balanced an incredible business life with being a very talented guitar player and singer.  Steve loved listening to him play at weddings, churches, family gatherings and Steve knows this is where his deep appreciation and love of music originated.

When Steve hit was a mere 17 years old he and a buddy took a spontaneous road trip to Grandbend, Ontario and on the way the music in the car was cranking.   It was all Tim McGraw and Kenney Chesney and from that point on Steve's love of country music took off.

At 19 years old Steve and his Dad  listened to CMT and Jason Aldean’s new song “Why”.  Steve turned and said to his Dad “I gotta learn to play guitar so I can play this song”.   He learned on his father’s 6 string Washburn and from that day on he was hooked.

Steve started writing music and was recently blessed with having the opportunity to collaborate in Nashville with  Steve O'Brien on his soon to be released song "Stomp".  Alex Seier is heard on his newly released song "Diggin on You" .

The one and only Johnny Dwinell and his fabulous team at DareDevil Production gave life to Steve's dream of recording these songs in Nashville.  

There is much more to come with Steve's next release “The Way You Make Me”. 

Hang on because the Steve Oriet train is rolling!

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